Tricks for Saving Cash on Clothes


Clothes shopping can be costly and stressful, especially if trying to save money.  Recently, I noticed that I was spending too much of my disposable income on clothes.  After searching for a new refrigerator and home security in Atlanta GA, I realized the necessities were going to hit my bank account hard. It was time to find a way to save on the other joys of life, like clothes! For young people trying to “fit” in, it can be very difficult to try to keep up with the latest trends when on a budget.  As particular trends become fashionable, the demand for those types of clothes skyrockets.  For a kid growing up, or even an adult who is socially very conscious, it is possible to still fit in with what is “in”, while being on a budget by following some of these tips!

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Ways to Save Money on College

Amy C. Edmondson

College is an exciting time for most kids.  It is also a big change, as many kids are on their own for the first time. This time can be scary for someone, especially as so many kids that are going to college are on financial aid, and are essentially on a budget.  At the same time, there is a lot of pressure to meet new people and do new activities, some of which that can cost a lot of money.  No one is saying that people should skip college that would be crazy.  But there are ways to save money while being a college student that will help you and your family in the long run.

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How to Save Money on Gas

Gasoline in the tank

Are you fed up with the amount of money you are wasting on gas?  Your commute to work is long and far and you feel like a big chunk of your paycheck is going back into just filling up your gas tank.  Maybe your car is even a gas-guzzler, which means you will be spending EVEN more on gas!  Well, this cost of gas annoys us all, and here are some tips to try to help get those costs down!

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5 Ways to Turn Idle Cash into More Cash


Cash is king, but it can also be your enemy. Cash does nothing for you but give the banks profit. It sits in your bank account while the bank loans it our for interest.  Stop feeding the institutions and start getting a return.  Cash not only does not make you money, but it actually depreciates.  Due to massive printing and inflation by the Federal Reserve, your dollar loses value year after year.  For decades, the U.S. has been monetizing debt instead of living within their means.  Let us help you combat that issue by choosing one of the items below to boost your loot!


1. Police Auctions

Purchase something of value for pennies on the dollar at a police auction.  Immediately sell the item on Craigslist or other classified service.  This can be a car, safe, computers, or furniture.  For cars, you might want to bring a mechanic along.  For computers, you might want to make sure that you have software for virus removal.

Level of difficulty: 6

Level of return: 7

Risk: 4

Speed: 8

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Secret Trick for Saving Hundreds on Plane Tickets

Commercial airplane

Note: This is NOT one of those articles that promises to show you how to travel the world for free then at the end of the article tells you to sign up for a credit card and accumulate flyer miles.  Let’s be real, that is click bait if I have ever seen it…

Here is a secret that I have been using for years that not many people know about.  Next time you shop for tickets, search for flights from your origination to your destination.  Make note of the ideal flight you want (nonstop, normal hours, good price, reputable airline, etc.).  Write down the price of this flight.

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Saving on Alarm Systems

Home Surveillance. Small CCTV Camera in the Corner of the House Roof.

Alarm systems have become a necessity in any area of any city.   If you want to keep your family, possessions, or business safe, you need to seek out an alarm professional.  Alarms and security cameras are becoming cheaper, but we will also discuss the new trending realm of home automation and how it can save you money. Continue reading Saving on Alarm Systems

10 Ways to Save on Groceries

Woman checking food labelling

1. Don’t shop hungry

Sounds silly, but I can vouch for it.  I have noticed a significant difference in my total bill when I eat a complete meal before shopping.  When you’re hungry, everything looks delicious. If you are on a diet, you may give in to some cravings that result in bad food decisions.  If your blood sugar is low, your body may crave sugar and carbs.  You just may end up with a doughnut! This is not a list of health tips, but if you shop hungry, you will be over-ambitious with what you can eat that week/month.

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How to Save Money on Your Cable and Internet Bill

Colorful patchcords connected to pack of dollars.Isolated on white backgrounds.3d rendered.

It doesn’t matter what service provider you have, At&t or Comcast, you can find a way to shave a portion of the cost on these essential services.  Internet and cable providers have oligarchies in their markets.  Any fewer providers and the tip I am about to give you may not work. Some areas only have one provider that is willing to service the area. Luckily, they may not know that they are your only option. Keep it this way.  Here are some steps:

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